Popcorn Time ransomware

Christmas is for Sharing the “Nasty Way” – WHAT?!?!

Popcorn Time Ransomware   Merry Christmas! Just in time for the holidays, a new piece of ransomware is turning heads in the malware security community, but perhaps not for the reasons you might expect. The freshly discovered Popcorn Time ransomware spins a tale nearly as compelling as the illegal movies streaming on the bittorrent client…

The Security Synthesis Brief

The urgency of Information Security

Small to Medium Business (SMB) is the most actively targeted and exploited business demographic. On average SMB firms that reported a security incident found that the intruder(s) were active on their business information systems for months prior to detection. The majority of SMB’s are protected with little more than a firewall at the network edge.


CIT Helps SMB’s Trim the Fat From Data Center Costs

At Corporate Information Technologies we help SMB’s deploy Data Center’s (both in Charlotte and remote locations).  Our implementation of MSP (Managed Service Provider) and MSSP(Managed Security Service Provider) helps SMB’s control cost while providing Enterprise level IT services .  See how Corporate Information Technologies can help you control cost . . . When smaller businesses…

Detection and Prevention: The art of the attack

Detection and Prevention It seems that every week another substantial data breach is announced. Personal data such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Information, and even protected Health Information is routinely snatched by attackers. The FBI has reported that the average time attackers operate undetected within a victim network (the “dwell time”) averages 176 days.…