If you’re protecting a castle, do you just require a secret password to get into it?

NO, you also have a moat with a drawbridge. Your castle should include your social media, email and financial accounts (bank and investment). These are sites that people can either directly obtain your money or use for identity theft.

So, how do you add a drawbridge? You add something called 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Enabling 2FA requires a code that continually rotates within an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS-Apple). Therefore, you need the password and a code to log into your account. (Yes, someone can duplicate your SIM card, but we’re talking about another layer.)

Sometimes adding 2FA is difficult because either the settings are buried somewhere in the website or the bank doesn’t know what 2FA is. This is truly appalling to me. A bank should be the first place that requires this in my opinion and should make it easy to enable! Keep digging though – it’s worth it!

Recommended Apps: Google Auth, LastPass Auth, DUO, Symantec VIP, Yubico.

Corporate Apps also include Fortinet FortiToken, RSA SecurID, etc.

Again, what should you do?? 

  1. Don’t click on links in emails, especially if it is marked as spam!
  2. Use a password manager to have complex passwords that are DIFFERENT for EACH account you have.  Last Pass *
  3. Rotate your passwords regularly. (Most Password Managers do this too if you turn it on).
  4. Enable 2 Factor Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication.

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