What Are Your Bad Password Habits?

We all have our own bad habits such as slouching or hitting the snooze button too many times that can affects our lives in various ways. But the best way to combat these habits is to recognize them and make a change. It’s no different when it comes to cybersecurity.

For the average internet user some of our worst habits can be attributed to our passwords. Here are some of the worst password habits you can have on the internet.

The 4 Biggest Password Mistakes…

1. 59% of people use their name or birthdate in their password

It is never a good idea to get in the habit of using personal information in your passwords. Information like your name or even your birthdate is some of the easiest info for cybercriminals to find.

2. Roughly 2/3 of people reuse the same password across multiple accounts

Always make sure you aren’t repeating passwords across multiple applications. If a cybercriminals gets one they have all of them.

3. 43% of people have shared their password with someone

Do not share your password with anybody. All of your passwords should be exclusive to you and you alone.

4. Employees use the same password an average of 13 times

Make sure that employees are using different password for different applications but are also making password changes regularly. Do not just change out one character when making a new password. (Ex: Changing CIT123 to CIT_123).

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