Common Sense Internet Safety #1

Some things are not common knowledge, so what is common sense on the internet? We’re going to take several posts to go through a list that is not exhaustive, but will definitely help secure your data (and for those asking – they are not in any particular order either).

Have you ever reviewed your authorized device lists?

Did you even know there was a list of active authorized devices that can log into your account? 

How long have you had your itunes or Amazon account? I’ve had them over a decade. How many phones or devices have you had over that same time frame?! I can’t even count or remember them all…

So…google the account name and authorized devices list and let google help you find where that account setting is. [amazon authorized devices list] After finding the location, deactivate any devices that shouldn’t currently have access. 

What accounts?? Social Media websites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace :D), Streaming websites (Apple, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Roku, etc), Email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) all have this list.

  1. Review your Authorized Device Lists
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