Cybersecurity For
Small Businesses

Cybersecurity: One size fits none

No two businesses are alike; Different cultures, drivers, suppliers, and customers abound. Similarly, no two businesses have the same information risk profile. 

Many MSPs and MSSPs treat cybersecurity as a one-size-fits-all problem to solve. Using a fixed set of software or hardware as the singular tool by which to solve the “security” shortcomings. 

CorpInfoTech takes a completely different view. We first utilize a business-led method to quantify information risk and then utilizing leading cybersecurity tools, employ overlapping security controls to detect, deter, and arrest threat actors. Behind all of the technology, we have some of the brightest minds in the industry to supply experience, insight, and intuition.

Collectively, these elements accurately quantify the risks to an organization’s information assets, prescribe the most effective controls to safeguard them, and continually test and refine the safeguards through broad industry experience and ongoing human testing.

CorpInfoTech views cybersecurity as a continually evolving ecosystem. This ecosystem includes policy, tools, education, and both technical and human testing.

IT Security Starts in the Business

CorpInfoTech customizes security for your business by overlapping security controls that utilize both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create continuously evolving and learning security.

working remaote and keeping your security practices up to date
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