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Cybersecurity Incident Response and Containment

Cybersecurity Emergencies don’t often happen during regular business hours. Ransomware, unauthorized access, and other cyber threats don’t take weekends off – they are often amplified outside of regular business hours. Small businesses in the United States fall victim of hacking on average every 39 seconds according to the Clark School study at the University of Maryland. On average, once a hacker has a foothold within an organization they begin carrying out their objectives within 5 hours. Most savvy cyber adversaries time their attack and ‘break out’ to correspond when system administrators won’t be looking. That’s why CIT stands ready 24×7 to respond to these time-critical CyberSecurity Incident Containment situations.

Time is the enemy when dealing with a cybersecurity or hacking emergency. CIT’s proven methodology stops hackers in their tracks while maximizing the recoverability of your business. With hundreds of successful engagements, CIT is the right choice. Don’t risk your organization and its data to someone that won’t represent your best interests. Our experts are those that other Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) turn to in critical situations.

If you suspect an intruder has unauthorized access or ransomware has impacted your systems, contact CIT now for immediate help.

When dealing with a Cybersecurity Incident, time is critical. Every second counts!

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