Cybersecurity Incident Response

Cybersecurity emergencies don’t happen during regular business hours

Ransomware, unauthorized access, and other cyber threats don’t take weekends off. In fact they are often amplified outside of regular business hours. CIT makes sure you have an cybersecurity incident response plan ready!

 Time is your enemy, so every second counts…

On average, once a hacker has a foothold within an organization they being carrying out their objectives within 5 hours. That’s why CIT stands ready 24×7 to respond to these time-critical situations. If you believe you are under attack it is imperative you seek help fast!

CIT’s proven methodology stops hackers in their tracks while maximizing the recover ability of your business. With hundreds of successful engagements, CIT is the right choice. Don’t risk your organization and its data to someone that won’t represent your best interests. With our Cybersecurity incident responses, our experts are those that other Managed Service Providers(MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers(MSSP) turn to in critical situations.

Serious About Protecting Your Business?

At CIT, we view technology support extending from the desktop through the datacenter and into the cloud. Regardless of how an organization defines “office”, we are here to equip, enable, and support the productive use of technology to deliver on its mission and objectives.

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