Cyber Criminals Continue to Capitalize on Remote Workers

Cyber criminals are targeting both corporate and personal devices in an effort to gain a foothold into American’s home network. Then directly into Corporate networks.

Three Actions Users Can Take to Help Secure Their Business While Working Remotely

Understand the Risks Present on Home Networks

Distinguish Official Corporate Correspondents From False Senders

Establish Appropriate Responses to Potential Security Risks

  • All Smart Devices are part of your security network
  • Make sure all devices are updated with unique passwords
  • Run a household firewall service when possible.
  • Criminals are impersonating and targeting employees to exploit potential attack vectors and find weak points.
  • Communicate what workers can expect from departments and vendors and how they can expect to receive information.(email, phone, messages, etc.)
  • When faced with a potential scams, employees should know who to notify and how to respond.
  • Make sure employees are up to date on security awareness training
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