Protecting both the hardware and the human

CIT uses a unique team-based support methodology that is centered around personalized  managed services which incorporates organizational security policies and knowledge of key line-of-business applications. Members of our support team are seasoned professionals with an average of 11 years of industry experience. Through this combination of industry-specific support teams and experienced personnel using cybersecurity-integrated methodologies, CIT delivers world-class technology support and managed services.

Ready to experience IT support that was built for modern organizations that require both security and functionality?

CIT provides Managed IT Services with an emphasis on cybersecurity. We provide not only the problem, but also the solution when it comes to securing your business and offering end to end IT support. We have served small-to-medium sized businesses since 1996 and are dedicated to improving the cybersecurity posture of all the businesses we work with.

Don’t Gamble With Your Security!

Serious about Support

At CIT, we view technology support extending from the desktop through the datacenter and into the cloud. Regardless of how an organization defines “office”, we are here to equip, enable, and support the productive use of technology to deliver on its mission and objectives.

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