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Information is the lifeblood of any business. It’s where the the majority of value exists in most modern organizations. Safeguarding the vital information assets of the organization is elemental to continued operational success. The role of cybersecurity is to safeguard the information assets of the organization from both internal and external threats. Understanding this axiom, CorpInfoTech uses a holistic and largely technology-agnostic approach when conducting security and risk assessments. Our initial goal is to first understand what information-centric risks exist within an organization and then evaluate the probability and difficulty of their exploitation. We strongly believe that information security is not one size fits all. Our audit and assessment practice operates from the perspective that cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated in order to be effective.


If you are exploring how to reduce your organization’s exposure to cyber risk, we would like to offer a free conversation with one of our experienced cybersecurity consultants. Our goal is to understand where you are currently on your information security journey and where you’d like to be. During a 30-45 minute introductory and exploratory call you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Ask questions of us related to your Information Security project and the best path to accomplish your goals.; Whether with CIT or elsewhere.
  • Learn more about our methodologies, capabilities, and areas of expertise; We offer a diverse array of Information Security and IT-related services. Let’s see if we are a mutual fit.
  • Refine and focus your goals using an experienced sounding board. We will also share the techniques, tactics, and processes we would recommend to achieve those same goals.

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Many organizations are now completely reliant upon technology systems for their routine operation. As the dependence of digital information continues to grow, so do the operational and regulatory risks associated with the underlying technology systems. Engaging an experienced specialist to help identify areas of exposure and associated risk is a logical step to take, with the intention of reducing overall risk and improving the organization’s security posture. If you are reading this, then you have likely begun that journey. The decision of what type of assessment or testing is the most appropriate is not one to be taken lightly, nor is it as straightforward as it may first appear. Generally, there are three types of information security (cybersecurity) assessment methods. Each differ in scope, audience, and intended outcome. The selection of risk framework, identification of information sensitivity requirements, and the applicable regulatory / legal / contractual cybersecurity obligations are equally burdensome activities.

With over a decade of experience, CorpInfoTech simplifies the security and risk assessment process and delivers consistently better outcomes. We will help provide you with the plan that is needed to implement the proper cybersecurity controls that are customized, right-sized, and most appropriate for your organization.

Experience Matters When our cybersecurity experts begin an assessment, they bring both objectivity and experience. We’ve helped secure hundreds of organizations over the years. Organizations of all shapes, sizes, geographic distribution, and regulatory oversight have benefited from a relationship with CorpInfoTech. Our specialty is bringing enterprise IT, Risk Management, and Governance concepts into smaller commercial and governmental organizations. SMART Objectives CorpInfoTech prides itself of its distinguished operational IT background. We spent decades designing, building, maintaining, and operating secure information systems. Because of this experience in the operational aspects of complex technology systems we understand how difficult information security (and change) can be within an organization. Our assessments provide more directly actionable and realistic outcomes due to this understanding and experience. We listen to the constraints and limitations of your organization, it’s staff, and the technology systems themselves. Using this information, we identify the most efficient, affordable, and durable method to achieve the required security objective.  Our Foundation Exists within Data We utilize robust industry-standard security frameworks as the objective standards by which we evaluate cybersecurity risk. These include the CIS Controls, NIST CSF, MITRE ATT&CK, MITRE SHIELD, SEC, and FFEIC guidelines. Underpinning our findings and recommendations is a defensible set of objective systemically collected, data. We utilize vast and wide-ranging datasets consisting of hundreds of thousands of discrete security incidents by which to contrast the conditions and configurations we observe. We Play Nicely with Others Cybersecurity is a team sport. Now more than ever before, this axiom holds true. We desire to become a trusted partner with our clients, not an adversarial entity (though we do simulate them very well!). Internal, co-managed, or fully outsourced technology teams / MSPs are all OK by us. Our goal is to demonstrably improve the cybersecurity posture, resiliency, and culture of security within our clients. To achieve that, we all need to collaborate and cooperate.
Third-Party Risk is at Epidemic Proportions Software Supply Chain, 3rd Party Vendor Risk Assessment, and Information Chain-of-Custody risks are needed today more than ever. In May of 2021, an Executive Order was issued by the President of the United States illustrating the needs and urgency of radical changes to the nation’s cybersecurity posture following a series of software supply chain attacks. A History of Supply-Chain Risk Management Beginning in 2016, CorpInfoTech began raising awareness amongst its clients to the fragility of the hardware and software supply chain. Typified by a half-day session symposium exploring supply-chain vulnerabilities within the manufacturing industry, CorpInfoTech’s experience in this critical area runs deep. Today, our audit and risk analysis of third-parties (3PDD) critical to our clients’ is industry leading. Our founder has presented on this topic numerous times, including at the largest cybersecurity conference around – the RSA Conference. A Focused Approach Our supply chain risk assessment and mitigation practice is focused to the software and information supply chains within smaller commercial and State/Local governmental organizations and affiliated agencies. This focus allows us to be more deliberate and detailed in our analysis of high-value / high-exposure potential third-parties. 
CorpInfoTech is a trusted cybersecurity advocate for organizations ranging from large to small. We’ve spent years focusing and refining our processes to deliver directly actionable information, without the fear-uncertainty-and-doubt that is so often prevalent with other cybersecurity organizations. The combination of our unique processes, external standards-based frameworks, and skilled professionals deliver incredible results with exceptional value.
Checklist-based controls provide a singular view of the threats that may exist for an organization. Assessments based upon these control methodologies do not keep up with the ever evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Often, checklist-based assessments combined with penetration testing exercises are utilized to identify areas of cybersecurity exposure and risk. This methodology can improve very targeted areas of exposure, but commonly doesn’t consider the broader areas of exposure that exists within an organization.

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