Security and Risk Assessment

They May Have to Go Through You to Get to Your Customers

Often times people think: “Why would anyone want to attack my business? I don’t have anything worth taking.” This comes from the misconception that cyber criminals only go after YOUR information when in reality they may be actually be seeking your clients.

You may have a vast library of customers bank, medical or personal information ripe for the taking. With this knowledge it’s important that you are able to not only protect yourselves, but also the clients that put your trust in you.

Know Here You Are NOW to Know Where You Need to Be

In order to properly secure your business you need to know where your current security posture stands and how you can make it better. This is where Security Assessments from Corporate Information Technologies can help.

Corporate Information Technologies(CIT) is a full-service information systems outsourcing and information Security risk assessment and advisory firm. We are headquartered in Charlotte, NC and our security teams consists of professional technologists and risk managers with well over 120 years of collective InfoSec experience.

CIT has deep experience in fintech/finsec, banking, and investment banking industries. CIT is certified and accredited by the leading industry organizations including ISC, ISSA, and SIRA. CIT actively contributes to the cybersecurity community as a whole and has helped develop and promote the SANS/Center for Internet Security(CIS) Critical Security Controls( 20 CSC), a set of pragmatic key cybersecurity control areas.

Security Assessment Methodology

CIT develops and executes highly technical projects based on industry standard practices and principals using an ITIL modeled workflow management process. CIT employs a standardized approach to its security assessments. Specifically, CIT will utilize four of the most commonly exploited security vectors to ascertain the overall information security posture of the client.

Often times, organizations focus their time, resources, and efforts in areas that do not yield substantial information to ascertain your companies security posture.

The intention of OUR assessments is to ascertain if the client has implemented effective controls against several of the most commonly exploited attack vectors.

CIT will then report its findings in an easy-to-understand security posture report. In CIT’s opinion, no security engagement is complete without remediation efforts and education of both technical and non-technical personnel. In practice, an organization’s security posture is only as good as the weakest link in a complex series of technical and human systems.

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