CorpInfoTech Is Pleased to Announce Acceptance into the DHS/CISA Automated Indicator Sharing Program 

CorpInfoTech Is Pleased to Announce Acceptance into the DHS/CISA Automated Indicator Sharing Program

This will enable CorpInfoTech to offer a unique value to help small and mid-sized businesses efficiently and effectively manage threats. We are one of sixteen commercial organizations worldwide that have this ability.

Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS), a DHS/CISA capability, enables the real-time exchange of machine-readable cyber threat indicators and defensive measures to help protect participants and reduce the prevalence of cyberattacks. AIS is offered to identify and help mitigate cyber threats through information sharing and provide technical assistance, upon request, which helps prevent, detect, and respond to incidents.

One Lens, Tailored Firewall Solutions

Effective cybersecurity requires constant monitoring and adaptation to change based on threats.

Historically in-house solutions offered companies a lower cost solution than outsourced or co-managed services. As the cost and complexity of effective cybersecurity controls have increased, in-house solutions today are often far more expensive to develop to full maturity and capabilities.

Companies may elect to deploy a less capable in-house solution, which may provide some safeguards in the short term but fall short in the long term due to the constant upkeep, training, and evolution of required safeguards.

Our rapidly deployed service offers immediate value through added immediate safeguards, depth and maturity of capabilities, broad visibility, reporting, and flexibility.

CorpInfoTech is available to support your needs to comply with 800- 171/CMMC, CIS, ISO, and other standards.

CorpInfoTech (Corporate Information Technologies) provides small to mid-market organizations with expert I.T. services including compliance assessment, cybersecurity penetration tests, and comprehensive business continuity planning services. Corporate Information Technologies can help organizations, quantify, create, refine, and mitigate the risks presented by business threatening disasters in whatever form they may be disguised.

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