Do I Need Cyber Insurance?
With the prevalence of cyber attacks increasing throughout 2020 and into 2021, cyber insurance has become increasingly important. The purpose […]
Zero Trust Architecture
Transition of COVID-19 With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic came a quick transition for many to a remote work […]
Zero trust Model
The increased focus on the adoption of the “Zero Trust Model” of cybersecurity is partly influenced by the rise in […]
Knowing whether or not your business is prepared for a potential cyber attack is a must, especially for government contractors. […]
The rise of ransomware is a great concern for small to medium sized businesses in 2021 and making sure you […]
Human Element is part of your cybersecurity plan
Understand that security awareness is not all about technology, it’s about human element, too. Humans made mistake —there’s not a […]
Rising Ransomware
What is ransomware? Ransomware costs are projected to hit a record of $20 billion in 2021 making it a very […]
Colonial Pipeline - Worry About Hackers
I don’t have to worry about hackers – I don’t have anything they want/need Most people own cars that need […]
RSAC 2021
RSAC 2021 May 17 -20 Virtual Experience Curciana, President and CSE of Corporate Information Technologies, will be presenting in partnership […]
More advanced Phishing Tactics
75% of organizations around the world experienced a phishing attack in 2020, and 74% of attacks targeting US businesses were successful, Proofpoint […]
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