Image of lock with circuit traces
Breaking through the noise: The 20 Controls. It seems that every professional association, organization, or group has their own definition […]
Taking a deeper look at the KRACK Wireless Vulnerability Background In May of 2017, security researcher Mathy Vanhoef published a […]
Lessons Learned from WannaCry / WannaCrypt0r   A brief history…   CIT has intentionally remained silent on the events of […]
Image of laptop with financial information displayed
As the traditionally paper-and-person investment industry collides head-on with the next-generation Fintech industry, the result is unprecedented dynamism within the […]
Close-up of smartphone on computer keyboard
The FinTech and financial services industry is an exciting and intellectually challenging sector more so today than ever before. Firms […]
2017 Cyber Liability Insurance Considerations The average cyber breach cost in 2016 was $665,000 (@NetDiligence). I repeat, $665,000. For most […]
is my copier spying on me
Vulnerabilities in IoT As the phrase “Internet of Things” or IoT enters our cultural vernacular, many wonder what this new […]
The week of February 13th is a pretty ordinary week for most of America.The country will wake up and go […]
Detection and Prevention It seems that every week another substantial data breach is announced. Personal data such as Social Security […]
Image showing conceptual cloud computing
It seems that there is a new high-profile password breach every day. Combine this with the various malware campaigns that […]
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