Cybersecurity and Working From Home

Cybersecurity and working from home may become a necessity in the near future for many companies.

With the coronavirus spreading throughout the United States, cybersecurity and working from home should be on the top of the mind for businesses. Working from home requires accessing company information through a home network which could involve risk to your sensitive data.

Let’s consider a few risks . . .

More Online Data-Sharing: Employees need to use a secure messaging, email, file sharing and storage applications

Accessing Sensitive Data Through unsafe Wi-Fi Connection: When employees connecting to their home wireless network, using a VPN connection is the key.

IT Support Has More Logistical Challenges: Making sure your IT department/service has access and support to remote employees, such as screen-sharing software. During this time, they might have to work extended hours.

Cybersecurity and working from home can be less risky with:

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