Cybersecurity Incidents and Covid-19: Be prepared
Check out a couple cybersecurity incidents that have been happening during the coronavirus pandemic:
  • Email spam containing either “corona” or “covid” in subject line was close 90,000 during  05/14/2020-05/15/2020. 7,691 unique subject lines observed during the reporting period, per RiskIQ. Yet, another example of a cybersecurity incidents and Covid-19.
  • The FBI has reported an increase in BEC attacks: business email compromise (BEC) is a scam that targets anyone who performs legitimate funds transfers. Nigeria’s SilverTerrier, cyber crime group, is targeting critical sectors such as government, healthcare, insurance, medical research and publishing, and utilities, through BEC scams, according to Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 threat intelligence team.
  • Staring all the way back in January, Chinese and Iranian threat actors were targeting American universities and health-care firms.  They were allegedly aiming to hinder their efforts to uncover a COVID-19 vaccine, according U.S. Officials.  The attacks  are considered to be an act of war due to the fact that they have hampered vaccine research.
  • Many are looking for a job due Covid-19. But, cybercriminals are using layoffs to recruit new money mules to help launder money. According to research by PhishLabs, the criminals are sending phishing emails to targets in Canada and the United States with the “opportunity” to work from home for $5,000 per month. Most email are not providing any information and asking the recipient to request more information via email, others are impersonating Wells Fargo Human Resources and claim to be recruiting personal assistant positions. 

Cybersecurity Incidents and Covid-19 will continue to happen. It’s time to inform and update your employees on security awareness.  And then, keep them updated!

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