Personal Cybersecurity
Daily we are tested with our personal information and security
Nobody wants their information out there, although with all the breaches your credentials have likely been leaked. But, that doesn’t mean they have access to your account.

List of scams for the week of January 20th:

  • Email posing as a data leak protection service setup by the US Government: they ask for your name and number then show information on database of leaks. Victim is asked to provide payment card information and social security number so they can be compensated for leak.
  • Impersonating ADP (one largest HR and payroll companies) telling you your W2 is ready: Victim is asked to login to a spoofed ADP page. Attackers then are able to get your personal information such as social security number, bank account used for direct deposit and more
  • FedEx text messages and/or email regarding a package: Victim clicks on “tracking code” which then goes to a fake Amazon shopper survey, which results in asking for a credit card number to pay a small shipping fee.

Below is a quick reminder of basic cybersecurity practices

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