Wow. That still happens?!

That was my response when my husband informed me one evening that a single bitcoin wallet had the equivalent of several million dollars deposited in one day. ONE DAY! I was shocked.
He had tracked down the wallet associated with a spam email with real username and password (credential) data in the subject. Lots of people, and not just one or two, had fallen for the scam thinking the criminal really had some dirt on them or access to their account since the criminal behind it was using data released from a breach.
News Flash – YOUR data is out there. There have been enough breaches that your real credentials have been leaked. However, don’t fall for the scam! Just because they have the credentials doesn’t mean they have access to your account.

So, what should you do?! 

  1. Don’t click on links in emails, especially if it is marked as spam!
  2. Use a password manager to have complex passwords that are DIFFERENT for EACH account you have.
  3. Rotate your passwords regularly. (Most Password Managers do this too if you turn it on)


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