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Disaster Recovery Plan:  Making sure your business is ready for IT
Disasters (the IT) can take many forms and the financial cost of rebuilding after a disaster can be overwhelming.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is the ability to preserve an organizations data and systems through a negatively impacting event. And what is that negatively impacting event?  Here are just a couple. . . .ice storm, earthquake, hurricane, flood or as simple major electric outage in your area. And let’s not forget human error.  With the onset of cloud computing, a disaster recovery plan has become more efficient and affordable than ever. Today it is possible to back up data in minutes vs. days or hours in the past.

93% of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year

Disaster Recovery

Most DR providers today can back up all of your critical data in a matter of minutes. If you need to recover it, most services can do it in hours, instead of days.

What if your business was down for 1-2+ days? What’s the cost?

  • Lost revenues and lost productivity.
  • Helping the competition, present/potential clients might move to a competitor.
  • Employee frustration – employees will carry the burden of the extra hours and stress of helping get things back together. This can damage the respect they have for you.
  • Negative outlook on your brand – Customers will wonder why you didn’t care enough for a backup plan.

Not all external threats are preventable:

  • Large snowstorms/hurricanes can bring down power-lines and network connections
  • Power outage due to grid failure, act of terror. These could be phishing scams, cyber-attacks and data theft from external sources.
  •  93% of companies that have an incident without a disaster recovery plan go out of business within a year.

Internal threats happen as well:

  • Human error, stolen data can occur because someone forgot about changing their passcode, or left a smartphone containing critical data on the bus.
  •  12% of companies can’t recover any of their data after a breach or failure.
  •  Human error is the number one leading cause of  cyber incidents. Make sure all employees understand the cyber kill chain and how to prevent avoidable attacks.

CorpInfoTech can protect and secure your data to ensure your business can always be online – No matter where it is – on the server or on a user’s laptop across the state.

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