‘Tis the season to share and be invited

The Emotet Trojan gang has started to send Christmas themed phishing emails that they hope will entice you to open their attachments and become infected. Emotet is a Trojan—commonly spread via malicious email attachments and is currently (not) bringing joy this holiday season.  

Here are a couple ways Emotet is spreading the joy using a variety of phishing email themes such as:

  • payment invoices 
  • payment receipts
  • shipping details 
  • voicemails 
  • eFax

The most recent email invites recipient to a Christmas Party.  

You are asked to wear your ugliest Christmas sweater to the party. Oh, and her is the attached menu to select something you will bring. The attachment(s) to the emails are malicious Word documents with names like ‘Christmas party.doc’, and ‘Party menu.doc’. 

Emotet was first discovered in 2014 as a “simple” banking Trojan aimed at stealing financial data. Simple is in quotes because, over time, it has not only evolved into a botnet but also added modularity, such as the ability to deliver malware using worm-like capabilities.  Patching your systems and staying up to date on changes is vital to preventing and detecting malicious threats like Emotet.

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