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Why do cyber criminals do what they do? The primary motivation for most cyber attacks is financially motivated. In fact, for most hackers this is their full time job, and businesses in the financial services industry are lucrative targets. If you are a bank, handle credit card transactions, or work with other financial assets you most likely are required to comply with one of more government regulations.

PCI Compliance –

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is regulated and required by credit card companies to ensure the secure transaction of payments made through credit cards. Merchants who take payments via credit card online or in store are responsible for ensuring the security of transactions between business and customer.


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a private organization authorized by the government to ensure the integrity and fairness of U.S. financial markets. FINRA regulates broker-dealer firms, capital acquisition brokers, and funding portals. Make sure your organization is compliant with FINRA regulations.


The Securities and Exchange Commission protects investors, regulates markets and “facilitates capital formation”. Private financial service organizations who work with the SEC or FINRA are responsible for complying with any and all cyber security regulations in place.

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