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Below are key slides from the Executive Briefing with Jerry Fralick on how Lenovo continues to garner trust in their industry. Click the images below for a pop-out slide show.

Did you know that Lenovo:

  • Is a publicly listed company, not controlled by any government, including China’s
  • Complies with all of the US General Services Administration (GSA) including supplying Trade Act Compliant (TAA) products
  • Meets the meets requirements for preventing unauthorized modification of BIOS firmware on PCs
  • PCs offer top security features
  • Sources BIOS firmware only from trusted vendors
  • Has US based technical support with Help Desk in North Carolina
  • Supports critical infrastructure customers like Power, Banking, Healthcare, Large Retail and Government agencies

Four Key Takeaways:

  1. Success of 3 NSA’s with the USG
  2. Secure Software Development Life Cycle
  3. Trusted Supplier List – TSL
  4. Vulnerability Reporting – PSIRT Implementation

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