Corporate Information Technologies, a leading Managed Security Service Provider, today announced that its President and Chief Systems Engineer, Lawrence Cruciana […]
image showing a computer hacker in hoodie
CIT sent one of it’s employees to a conference that allowed them to act in matter many people “legally” don’t […]
Lessons Learned from WannaCry / WannaCrypt0r   A brief history…   CIT has intentionally remained silent on the events of […]
hands holding paper with the word data written
Data Breach: Impact on Small Business Based on over 1,500 interviews with actual data breach victims, the 2016 Ponemon Data […]
computer code embedded with various forms of malware
The Accelerating Evolution of Malware Being on the front lines of the fight against cybercriminals, CIT has a unique view […]
Popcorn Time Ransomware   Merry Christmas! Just in time for the holidays, a new piece of ransomware is turning heads […]
small business insider threats
Are You Vulnerable to Insider Threats? We’ve all read about some of the very high profile insider threats, Edward Snowden, […]
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Did you know that Lenovo: Is a publicly listed company, not controlled by any government, including China’s Complies with all of the US General Services Administration (GSA) including supplying Trade Act Compliant (TAA) products Meets the meets requirements for preventing unauthorized modification of BIOS firmware on PCs
Detection and Prevention It seems that every week another substantial data breach is announced. Personal data such as Social Security […]
small business insider threats
It’s common to see companies showing confidence in their security systems. Their networks are protected from external threats, which can […]
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