Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers: Never have to worry about an issue again with 24×7 monitoring.


Managed service providers (MSP) use remote monitoring and management tools to keep an eye on the performance and overall health of the IT infrastructure that powers your business operations. MSPs should be 24×7 and should quickly respond to any issue that pops up.

Your MSP should perform regular system maintenance.

  • Apply tested security patches.
  • Install virus and malware protection.
  • System backup and disaster recovery/business continuity processes.

Are you worried about data loss?   

You should be, data loss has the potential to wipe out a business.

Here are several forms of data loss:

  • Human Error – unintentional data deletion, modification, and overwrites. This results from carelessly managed virtualization technology.
  • File Corruption – Unintended changes to data can occur during writing, reading, storage, transmission and processing.
  • Hardware Failure – Storage devices may be at risk due to age, or they may fall victim to irreparable hard-disk failure. Viruses and hackers can also shut down a hard drive if your system isn’t properly monitored.
  • Catastrophic Events – Threat of catastrophic events such as fire, flooding, lightning and power failure is always a concern. This can destroy data in milliseconds with no warning.
  • Theft – In recent years been more and more popular. With the advances in technology like anytime/anywhere connectivity, along with portability and the communication sharing makes it easier to be a victim of theft. With increased accessibility, people doing daily business on their mobile devices, risk of theft is getting greater.
A Managed Service Providers can act as a trusted partner, and assisted in safeguarding your data.

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