Similar domains and website cloning as types of phishing are on the rise!


Let’s say your bank is named ABC Bank and Trust. The website domain is ( However you accidentally type abcbankandttrust or abcbbankandtrust. The website loads though and looks almost exactly like ( It’s so similar you don’t recognize it’s not actually the right website. You type in your credentials and then…



Scenario one occurs… you realize it isn’t the right website as it fails to load your bank account information.



Scenario two occurs…  your bank account information does load because the hacker is smart enough to forward you to the correct website after harvesting your credentials. This one is much sneaker and you’re less likely to figure out you even made a mistake.



Either scenario stinks!!! Why? They have your credentials!!



A way around this is to bookmark your most prominent and important websites as it ensures that you’re going to the correct domain.



Take the time to train yourself to go to the website from your bookmarks instead of other means like from emails… but more on that next time!


        9.   Use bookmarks for banking, health and other websites to prevent going to the wrong website.


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