Phishing for Awareness

Social Media Phishing has rose 74% which is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the most up to date statistics. Here are some more stats on phishing for the 2020 year. Make sure to also read CIT’s Phishing For Awareness blog series.

More Phishing stats for 2020

Phishing can bring DAMAGE as well billion dollar LOSSES to your organization. With risks like these it is time to start taking cybersecurity seriously. 58% of malware attacks are directed towards small business which means your business could be a target of a phishing scam at any moment. If you think it can’t happen to you think again. 88% of organizations reported experiencing spear phishing attacks last year additionally $17,700 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks. This makes phishing an extreme financial burden on your small business.

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Corporate Information Technologies provides small to mid-market organizations with expert I.T. services including compliance assessment, cybersecurity penetration tests, and comprehensive business continuity planning services. Corporate Information Technologies can help organizations, quantify, create, refine, and mitigate the risks presented by business threatening disasters in whatever form they may be disguised. 

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