The evolution of cyber crime has been rapid and to this day is ever expanding. In the first half of 2019 data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records. Gone are the days of your basic everyday lone hacker, these days cyber criminals are becoming more professional and organized by the hour. In fact, there’s a sort […]
Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam, criminals send/target an email message that appears to come from a known source making a legitimate request. During the attack, cyber-criminals fool employees into executing unauthorized wire transfers or disclosing confidential information. According to the recently released Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)’s Phishing Activity Trends Report [PDF]: Business email compromise (BEC) […]
What Your Business Needs to Know About Security Assessments Cyber attacks pose a risk to all sorts of networks and computer systems. Security hardening your networks, whether they’re on-premises or on the cloud, is absolutely necessary. Data breaches, DDoS attacks, and malware can cost your business a lot of money in regulatory fines, litigation, reputational […]
  Similar domains and website cloning as types of phishing are on the rise!   Let’s say your bank is named ABC Bank and Trust. The website domain is ( However you accidentally type abcbankandttrust or abcbbankandtrust. The website loads though and looks almost exactly like ( It’s so similar you don’t recognize […]
Are You Vulnerable to Insider Threats? We’ve all read about some of the very high profile insider threats, Edward Snowden, Harold Martin III, and the numerous ‘dumps’ that are posted via WikiLeaks. As part of our managed security practice we are commonly asked by small businesses if this type of threat is at all applicable […]
You’ve read it time and time again. “Bring Your Own Device” isn’t a trend, it’s the future. Workplaces where companies let workers use their own devices for work purposes are the new normal. BYOD attracts new hires and lifts employee morale and productivity. But this doesn’t mean a small business owner should recklessly jump right […]
There is a new piece of ransomware / crimeware that is being beta-tested in Europe currently to great success. Reports initially surfaced a few days ago at the German Anti-Botnet Advisory Centre of the new piece of nasty-ware, Chimera. Chimera combines a ransomware infection with extortion, trying to make organizations pay even when they have […]
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