Password Safety
More often than not the biggest threat to cybersecurity is ourselves.

Humans are extremely predictable, and in no other aspect of life is that showcased better than in our password safety habits. The importance of keeping your data secure behind reliable passwords is becoming increasingly important as most of the world transitions to remote work in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began the FBI has reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrime.

These cybercriminals know that everyone is at home without the protection of VDI’s or VPN’s. This is why it is more important than ever to make sure you aren’t making some of the most common password safety mistakes. According to google 65% of users reuse passwords across multiple applications. This means that if hackers get your password for one account they potentially have access to all of your important applications.

Even when companies have mandatory password changes every 90 days almost half of employees only change or add one digit. In the long run this doesn’t change anything and only makes it easier for hackers to steal your passwords. What’s even worse is that most people know that these mistakes can leave them open to attack but at the end of the day they refuse to fix it.

Additional password safety statistics: 

Make sure all of your employees are up to date on their security awareness training and read more about password security

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