Password security

Making sure your data is protected and secure is not as hard as one may think. Taking simple and smart steps is the easiest way to make sure your private information is secure.

72% of individuals reuse the same password across multiple accounts

The basis of good personal cybersecurity is a strong password. Passwords are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your personal data. Make sure you are following these simple steps when implementing a new password:

  • Don’t reuse or recycle. Make sure your passwords are unique and different across different applications.
  • Focus on length. The strongest passwords are between 12-15 characters.
  • Don’t let browsers remember your password. What happens if that browser gets attacked? Are your credentials still safe after that?
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone. Always keep your password private from other people.

Implementing these simple rules when choosing a password can go a long way in securing your data. It’s important for employees and individuals to stay up to date on their security awareness training. Read more about personal password security and how important it truly is.

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