Purr-fect zoom call

Lawyer Rod Ponton day didn’t start correctly , the virtual call was a not a purr-fect zoom meeting. Everyone on call saw him as a cat, not himself.

Lawyer tells judge “I’m not a cat” during the kitten filter mishap.

The specific cat filter in the video originated from pre-installed software for Dell laptops called Live Cam Avatar. 

Covid has the majority of employees working from home which has prompted many computer mishaps. But remember with small mishap can lead to trouble, personally and company.

Thousands of people have shared instances of Zoom meetings gone wrong over the past 12 months, with incidents including a various visitors on the screen and not having the camera angle directed correctly.

The lesson for this purr-fect zoom meeting: ALWAYS protect your computer! And if your computer is used by other person, or left unlocked check out the setting prior to a “professional” virtual meeting.

In case you wondering how to add a zoom filter, hear is your answer: Download Snap Lenses > Go to Zoom > Settings > Video > Use Snap Camera

Don’t use Zoom, great link for other virtual meetings like Google Meet or Microsoft teams to appear as not yourself: How to turn yourself into a potato or a cat (and other things) for Zoom meetings, Teams calls and more

Lesson: Always protect your computer.
Happy Purr-fect Zoom call to you! Or rather Happy Perfect Zoom calls to you.

Liberty Mutual is even using zoom call filters to try to get you to buy insurance, working?

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