Not all Managed Services are created equally


Designed for the 21st century

Your business is unique. It has its own needs and challenges. Shouldn’t your IT services fit the unique needs of your business? For your business to succeed it must be able to leverage and realize dividends from your technology investment. This allows it to remain competitive, agile, and vibrant.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits all Managed Services. We believe that the tenants of highly customized, adaptable, flexible, always-connected, and hyper-secure Managed IT Services are here to stay. We want to be your IT partner. The technologists (or cyber-ninjas) you have on your team that will help you leverage your technology as a strategic asset.

Technology can change the world

How much has changed in your business in the last five years? In our world, simply, everything. We have the privilege to serve some of the most respected brands in the world. From banking and financial services to healthcare and industry; we have the opportunity to share our passion and experience with amazing people around the world. Making sense of all of the change in technology can be (and is) a full time job. We work in small dedicated teams with you to learn how your business works and what it uniquely needs. It is from that understanding that we let the business needs drive technology decisions rather than the other way around. Let us show you how good I.T. really can be.

We protect the HARDWARE and the HUMAN

Information Security is a concern that every business regardless of size must face and adapt. The risks and complexity have never been larger while implementing a budget conscious solution that actually affords some level or protection has never been more difficult. Attackers and their associated threats change and adapt every day. Effectively securing your business has never been more difficult.

Securing computers and hardware on a network is the easy part. Guarding against vulnerabilities that are exposed by the humans behind the keyboard is an entirely different challenge.

We have built cybersecurity into our Managed IT Services long before cyber-anything was a buzzword. Today, we take a proactive layered approach to implement highly effective and standards-based cybersecurity controls into every managed services plan we offer. Cybersecurity isn’t optional for your business; why should it be an option from your Managed IT Services provider? At CIT, it’s not.

We go beyond securing the hardware and focus on securing your humans. We help protect your humans using a combination of training, simulation, and leading edge Artificial Intelligence which identifies human behaviors that can lead to security issues.


What makes us BETTER?

  • We develop customized server monitoring solutions for our clients
  • Cybersecurity is central to what we do and how we do it
  • We’re on call 24x7x365 for network emergencies
  • Our staff – including our NOC – are located in Charlotte, NC
  • Our systems are US-Based in our SOC/SSAE16-Type 2 certified data centers.
  • We provide onsite and remote support
  • Our support includes comprehensive support for PC’s tables, mobile devices, servers, firewalls, and just about everything in between.
  • From the desktop to the datacenter, we have you covered.


We let the data we collect from your systems help us know when it’s time to make changes or upgrades. This constant monitoring means we can be proactive and prevent issues before they happen. Being proactive reduces downtime and keeps you safe and productive.

Information Security and Managed Services

  • We designed our Managed Services from the ground up with Information Security in mind
  • We include advanced Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware software
  • We protect our clients against botnets and cryptominers
  • We take an offense-informs-defense posture with cybersecurity
  • We extend protection and policy beyond an organizations four walls. We protect systems wherever they are against advanced threats
  • We train users how to spot the bad guys and what to do when they see them
  • We put time and resources into training and equipping your humans to better defend themselves and your organization against cyber criminals

Give your business an unfair advantage
over its competition

Our world-class managed services allow you to focus on world domination without being concerned if your technology systems can get you there

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