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Server Monitoring: A Higher Standard

When every tech company offers server monitoring, how can you know which service is best?

There is something in a name – at least when it comes to our services. Technology Assurance Services.

Assurance is literally our middle name! To reach that high bar we must be absolutely certain about the status and condition of the business technology systems in our clients’ businesses. To do that we employ numerous means of monitoring systems and technologies.

Customize the solution to your unique needs.

We’re not your typical “Managed” services firm that tries to put their clients into easily managed (and identical) configurations. We embrace the uniqueness of our clients, their businesses, and as such their individual technology needs. Because we manage and own all of the tools we use to administer and monitor our clients’ networks, we can develop monitoring systems that are unique to each client.

We can monitor Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, HP-UX, and even many legacy mainframe systems. We’re able to monitor Firewalls, Ethernet Switches, Routers, Voice equipment, and even printers. Our monitoring of a system doesn’t stop at “is the device up?” We establish a set of minimum baseline monitors for every system that is under our management that ranges from the physical hardware condition (temperature, fan speed, power supply voltage/status, etc.) to the status of the Operating System (performance metrics, running services, logged-on users, etc.) to the specific processes and applications that are present on the system.

Cover all of your bases.

In total, we typically deploy 136 unique monitors to every server we manage and monitor. That is 122 more than the typical Managed Services Provider.

We don’t stop there. Just because the servers of a client are up doesn’t mean that their end-users can transact business on those systems. We employ mock transactional simulations on SQL servers, message transport validation throughout entire email systems, and content analysis from hosted internal web applications.

By utilizing these data together, we can ensure that our clients are able to conduct business using their business technology systems. Our team of experts will create customized monitors that are unique to each client to ensure that whatever makes their business run is always running and available. We’ve deployed SNMP-based monitors to check for things like printer paper levels (in an insurance rebilling operation), the status of a network attached CNC machine (in a manufacturing operation), and even if the coffee had been made by a certain time (in our office).

Don’t simply monitor.  Actively improve your business.

We take this level of concern not out of competitive necessity, but rather because we believe in leveraging technology to improve our clients’ businesses. No two businesses are the same therefore nor should two sets of systems monitors. We include these services as a standard feature in our Technology Assurance Services.

Oh, and forget about “next day” response. We’re watching 24×7 from our Charlotte, NC, based Network Operations Center. Yes, It’s in the U.S. Yes, it’s staffed by CIT employees. Not some third party offshoring company. We didn’t think it was right to ask somebody else to keep an eye on our clients while we slept. Much less hand over the administrative credentials to someone that we couldn’t vet and validate.

If your business is using a Managed Services Provider today, do you know who has access to your systems? CIT’s clients do!

Give CIT a call.

Is there something happening on your network that you wish someone would keep an eye on and fix it if it changed? If so, give us a call. Our Network Operations Center in Charlotte, NC, is monitoring thousands of systems worldwide 24 x 7 x 365. We’d love to discuss your needs further!


We’ve made a White Paper that details Malware Trends!


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