Testifying Before Congress
Corporate Information Technologies CTO & Owner Lawrence Cruciana is bringing small business cyber security needs to the national stage working […]
Image of person personifying a hacker in black
Hackers don’t seem to care whether your a large enterprise or a SMB.  Although most SMB don’t have the resources […]
Learn more about data breaches in small businesses Corporate Information Technologies provides small to mid-market organizations with expert I.T. services […]
  Digital risk is the greatest threat to the modern business   That was the theme at the opening session […]
Corporate Information Technologies, a leading Managed Security Service Provider, today announced that its President and Chief Systems Engineer, Lawrence Cruciana […]
Modern cybercriminals – Hackers – use numerous clever ways to attack businesses – from technical attacks to social engineering. In […]
Managed Service Provider Can Save Time and Money  Almost by definition, small business owners and entrepreneurs cringe at the concept of […]
Truths about disaster recovery
A Business Continuity/Disaster Plan is a Safeguard for your Business is Prepared During a Disruptive Event   The foundation of […]
hands holding paper with the word data written
Data Breach: Impact on Small Business Based on over 1,500 interviews with actual data breach victims, the 2016 Ponemon Data […]
2017 Cyber Liability Insurance Considerations The average cyber breach cost in 2016 was $665,000 (@NetDiligence). I repeat, $665,000. For most […]
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