Cyber Kill chain

The easiest way to understand how a cyber attack happens is through The Cyber Kill-chain. What the “cyber kill-chain” does is outline every step of a potential cyber attack from its inception to its completion. Knowing how cyber criminals operate is the first step in knowing how to protect yourself and combat the bad guys.

Cyber killchain
The Cyber Kill-Chain

The steps to the cyber kill-chain are as follows:


This is the stage in which attacker probe for any weaknesses within your system. This might include harvesting login credentials or information useful in a phishing attack. It could also involve gathering social media or personal contact information for the uses of social engineering.


In this step hackers build a deliverable payload using an exploit and a backdoor. After hackers have found a suitable way of entry they will develop a virus or malware to inject into your system.


At this point the hackers are ready to send the weaponized bundle to the victim – for example a malicious link within a legitimate looking email.


Now it’s time for the hacker to execute the code on the victims system. At this point the hacker is now in the system and can operate however they want.


Now that your system is vulnerable it is time to start the installation process. The hacker will begin to install malware on the target asset giving them even more of a foothold into your operations.

Command and Control

Finally the cybercriminal has control over your systems and will now create a channel where the attacker can now control your system remotely.


The final step in the cyber kill-chain: Action. The attacker now has complete and total access to your system and can now remotely carry out their intended goal.

Understanding hackers is the first step in combatting them and securing your business. It is important to assess where your current cybersecurity posture stands and how CIT can help make it even better!

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