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RSA 2017 – Day Two

Next Generation Threats for Businesses

RSA was kicked off on Tuesday Feb 14th 2017 by a rousing monologue by renowned actor John Lithgow. Mr. Lithgow painted a bleak world, a hacked planet, in which Cyber Security had failed. His illustration of such a dire and bleak world was then contrasted by the reality that brought over 40,000 Cybersecurity professionals to San Francisco – the opportunity to protect the world from such desperate and dire circumstances. His illustration of the united Cyber Security professionals coming together like stars, each brightening the world. Together we can, and do, make the world a collectively safer and better place. The points made by such an opening was then punctuated by some of the most distinguished names in the industry this morning – including Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan (RSA’s CTO), Michael Dell, Michael McCaul (Chairman, House Homeland Security Committee), Paul Kocher (RSA’s Chief Scientist), Whitfield Diffie (A leading cryptographer), and Susan Landau (Very distinguished Cybersecurity Policy expert and leading cryptographer). The theme was very doom and gloom – as RSA’s Ramzan called it the ‘Gap of Grief’. Clearly, the defense wasn’t viewed as keeping up with the attacker’s offense.

There is a certain sense of gloom throughout RSA. Not defeat, but rather a realization that the threats have evolved faster than the defense. On the show floor hundreds of vendors compete for attention of attendees. Each of these vendors share a common lexicon, comprised of very few words, of what aspect of Cyber Security or Information Security they are trying to improve. “Breach”, “Detection”, “Defense”, “Compliance”, “Analytics”, “Risk”, “Containment”, “Security”, “Confidentiality”, and a vastly expanded category this year “Recovery”.  Many of the vendors are the names we all know and routinely entrust our network security to. There are many though that are younger or smaller companies that offer innovative products to solve complex and sometimes niche problems.

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