Secure online Holiday Shopping

Tips for secure holiday online shopping this 2020 Holiday season — stay safe before, during and after peak retail season

Black Friday, Friday after Thanksgiving, the “bridge day” that many Americans take as a vacation day to create a long weekend. Black Friday is a metaphor from the days when accountants wrote positive balances in black and negative amounts in red ink.

62% — feel very or completely secure in their online purchases, while only 8% felt slightly secure or insecure (Akamai report)

Secure holiday online shopping, does that exist? Below are some tips to help you stay safe and secure during and after the holiday retail season.

How do attackers target online shoppers?
  • Creating fraudulent sites and email messages – Attackers can create malicious websites or email messages that appear to be legitimate. Attackers may also misrepresent themselves as charities, especially after natural disasters or during holiday seasons. Attackers create these malicious sites and email messages to try to convince you to supply personal and financial information.
  • Intercepting insecure transactions – If a vendor does not use encryption, an attacker may be able to intercept your information as it is transmitted.
  • Targeting vulnerable computers – Protect your computer from viruses or other malicious code, if not an attacker may be able to gain access to your computer and all of the information on it. It is also important for vendors to protect their computers to prevent attackers from accessing customer databases.
  • Source: NCAS Security Tips
How can you protect yourself?
  • Do business with reputable vendors
  • Make sure your information is being encrypted
  • Be wary of emails requesting information
  • Use a credit card 
  • Check your shopping app settings 
  • Check your statements 
  • Check privacy policies
  • For more in-depth details on how to protect yourself see NCAS Security Tips
Simple online holiday tips to remember:
  • Updated device: Devices are running most current versions of software
  • A secure Wi-Fi: At home on your own secure network or phone hot spot. Do NOT trust public Wi-Fi
  • Understand a login: Long and unique pass-phrase password that changed often. Using MFA is a plus, too.

With many people working from home remember they may be mixing personal and business online. Now is the time be sure employees understand secure online shopping, along with your friends and family — share this blog to so others are safe and secure during this holiday shopping season and beyond.

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