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The week of February 13th is a pretty ordinary week for most of America.
The country will wake up and go to school or work. Businesses will operate and the greatest economy in the world will mark the beginning of another fairly normal week. It’s anything but a normal week for those in the Cyber Security business.
This is the week of the RSA conference (RSAC). Over 70,000 security professionals ranging from Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME), to Government will converge on San Francisco’s Moscone Center to evolve the practice of cybersecurity. Learning from one another and defining what will become best practice for the rest of the industry is standard course for this week.
CIT is proud to be a part of these conversations. Representing the interests of Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME), CIT will be front-and-center to help evolve the practice of Information Security. RSAC allows for some of the most meaningful InfoSec conversations of the year as practitioners, vendors, researchers, and policy makers all co-exist in a single place. We’ll be providing daily updates from RSAC covering the areas of emerging threats, changes to the threat (and defense) landscape, best practices, and new technologies.
The week of February 13th promises to be one of the most exciting, fast paced, and meaningful of the entire year for those in the practice of Cyber Security. It will be anything but a normal week.
Stay tuned to CIT’s social media for daily updates from RSA conference.

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