Windows 11 Brings Much Needed Security Upgrades
Microsoft announced Windows 11 would be available later in Fall of 2021.

While a new OS is always exciting the most important thing is how secure it is. After all if users are at risk while using it then what’s the point? Luckily Microsoft has made it clear that with this new version of Windows there will be an emphasis on updated security recommendations. Down below we’ve highlighted some of the biggest changes Microsoft is making to focus on security.

David Weston, the director of enterprise and operating system security, has made it clear that with the rising concern for ransomware cybersecurity has been a large motivator in the creation of Windows 11. Weston also sighted that zero trust architecture and pass wordless authorization was a factor in deciding how to upgrade Windows security as a whole. Zero Trust is the assumption that one must prepare for the inevitability of a cyber attack and assume that as some point there will be a breach. With this mindset Microsoft can better prepare to deal with cyber attacks before they happen rather than trying to deal with them once they’ve already hit. In addition they are also seeking to implement pass-wordless authentication to logins. Weston outlines how they’ve implemented a way to use your face or other bio metrics to log in to your devices. Because passwords have become to easy to crack it is important that large companies are recognizing the need for pass-wordless authentication.

Additionally, Windows 11 seeks to implement certain security functions by default. Instead of recommending certain security settings Windows 11 has them as part of its core function. This takes the responsibility off of the users and helps combat apathy towards manually updating and learning how to set certain applications or functions.

This is really the most secure release – not in the sense of new features – but that users used to have to be educated on or needed more effort to enable and protect themselves. It’s just there now”

David Weston – Director of Enterprise and Operating System Security
Overall it looks like Windows 11 is taking a huge step in making sure that your systems are secured and protected by implementing some of the best known ways to combat cyber criminals.

Stay tuned as we learn more about what Windows 11 has in store for cybersecurity.

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