Technology Infrastructure Development


We have designed hundreds of data centers of infrastructure and deployed an equal number of multi-site worldwide networks. Businesses of all sizes are commonly held on the same standards and regulations, regardless of their size. Allow our team of seasoned business IT experts bring combined experience to your infrastructure development project. 


Corporate Data Center

Here are some tips for business owners with respect to their core IT infrastructure: 

  • Make sure you are appropriately deploying your IT resources 
  • Use the right systems, technology, and software in the right places
  • Keep your storage up to date
  • Know how efficiently your systems are running
  • Use your IT infrastructure as a competitive advantage
  • Reevaluating your IT budget where your company needs it most 
  • Keep your IT infrastructure systems up to date 
  • Use real-time operational analytics to better manage your current IT infrastructure 
  • Realize the importance of flexibility and efficiency in business 

“After experiencing tens of hours of downtime with our previous IT company at the helm, we knew something was wrong. CIT was engaged to tell us why and how we could improve our uptime. Their process was clear and their engineers professional. They found misconfiguration and incompatible software throughout our systems. A year after they cleaned everything up we continue to be up and running. No more downtime!”

National medical device manufacturer

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