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Adware Read Post >

Software that operates in the background of an individuals computer that tracks and recommends various advertisements.

Botnet Read Post >

A collection of compromised computers used to conduct large scale cyber attacks.

Brute Force Attacks Read Post >

The process of repeatedly trying login credentials in the hopes of eventually gaining unauthorized access to an individuals account

BYOD Read Post >

Bring Your Own Device. Many individuals bring their personal devices to the office or use them for business operations.

CMMC Read Post >

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. A process of ensures certain measures of security are maintained across the DoD.

Cookies Read Post >

Bits of cached information regarding an individuals website preferences and other metadata.

Cyber Attack Read Post >

An attempt made by cyber criminals to compromise an organization, halt production, steal information using exploits within an IT system.

Cybersecurity Read Post >

The process of implementing controls and policies to mitigate cyber vulnerabilities within an organization.

CompTIA Read Post >

CompTIA is a non-profit organization that provides education and certifications in the IT industry. CorpInfoTech is a trusted partner of CompTIA.

Dark Web Read Post >

The dark web is the part of the internet where users can access unindexed web content anonymously through special web browsers like TOR.

Deep Web Read Post >

A subsection of the internet that is not public facing. It usually requires login credentials to access.

Domain Spoofing Read Post >

A form of phishing where a cyber criminal replicates a trusted person or organizations website to trick individuals.

DMARC Read Post >

Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) is an email security protocol that protects against domain-spoofing.

Encryption Read Post >

The translation of ordinary, readable data in an encoded format to ensure the safety and integrity of data.

Insider Threat Read Post >

A security threat that comes from within your organization. It could be an employee falling for a phishing scam, or a poor password.

Phishing Read Post >

A cyber attack that involved cyber criminals using psychological manipulation to gain a foothold into an organization.

Ransomware Read Post >

A type of malware that encrypts the victims data and holds it hostage until they pay a ransom to the cyber criminal.

Zero Trust Security Read Post >

Zero Trust is a security concept that requires all users to be authenticated and authorized before being granted access to applications and data.

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