Phishing for Awareness

Take a look at Corporate Information Technologies Phishing Awareness Statistics for 2020. Because Phishing attacks are such a prevalent issue make sure to also check out our Phishing for Awareness blog series.

Phishing Awareness Stats 2020

Phishing is the most common way cyber criminals attempt to steal information as it accounts for more than 80% of all social engineering attacks. This is why you can’t underestimate the power of a faulty link in the hands of a capable cyber criminal. The most dangerous aspect of Phishing is that 97% of your employees may not be able to identify a phishing email leaving your business vulnerable. This is why it is important that all employees go through Security Awareness Training so they can recognize a potential phishing scam. On top of all of this 56% of organizations believe phishing to be the biggest threat to cybersecurity. This means that if companies like Apple understand the dangers of phishing the individual consumer and small businesses also cannot afford to underestimate the issue.

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Corporate Information Technologies provides small to mid-market organizations with expert I.T. services including compliance assessment, cybersecurity penetration tests, and comprehensive business continuity planning services. Corporate Information Technologies can help organizations, quantify, create, refine, and mitigate the risks presented by business threatening disasters in whatever form they may be disguised. 

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