Cybersecurity for Kids - More Treats, Less Threats

Cybersecurity for Kids – More Treats, Less Threats

Cybersecurity for kids is important -remember, you may have connected devices in your household. Even if not, cyber criminals don’t care about age and they will take your kids personal information. Kids have social security numbers and good credit, makes hackers happy!

Below is cheat sheet to share and discuss with you children:

  • Avoid using the same password for different accounts
  • Change my passwords regularly
  • Passwords are at least ten characters long (and ideally longer)
  • Passwords involve a mix of upper- and lower-case letters plus symbols and numbers
  • Passwords avoid the obvious – such as using sequential numbers (“1234”) or personal information that someone who knows me might guess, such as my date of birth or a pet’s name
  • Change the default passwords on my connected devices, including Wi-Fi routers, gaming consoles
  • Avoid writing my passwords down or sharing them with others
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or links I am not sure of
  • Avoid opening emails that look suspicious as well as any attachment
  • Don’t respond to or click on pop-up windows on my phone or computer.
  • Avoid downloading suspicious attachments from emails or text messages I am not expecting
  • Don’t click on ads that promise free money, prizes, or discounts
  • Be wary of strange or unexpected messages, even from people I know
  • Don’t use personal usernames (gamertags) and avoid usernames and gamertags that can reveal their identity
  • Don’t answer personal questions when using a text or voice chat during a gaming session online
  • Source: AT&T Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for kids is one layers to secure your family – remember to use MFA and update your software on all devices. Don’t let your kids be tricked this Halloween by cybercriminals.

Here are a few resources that provide excellent advice for improving your family’s safety online. Be sure to subscribe to their content or download helpful resources to review and share with your children:

Cybersecurity for kids is important —last year they lost $101.4 million to hackers

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