Employee Security Training
How much security training is enough for your employees?

Security Awareness Training needs to be ongoing, but too much of a good thing can be bad! Sending daily reminders or scam updates may soon lead to employees passing/deleting your message. Too many alerts and warnings leads to Alert Fatigue. Therefore, you need to find a balance that ensures’ your security messaging becomes part of the culture of your organization. Security Awareness Training needs to be something that all employees understand and continue to apply.

Here are a few occasions when security employee training is necessary:

  • New Employee – they need to understand your organization’s security culture and its’ importance from the beginning.
  • New Roles within your organization – different access rights and greater responsibility.
  • Regular/Consistent Training – quarterly or based on negative feedback from phishing tests.
  • Security Incident within your organization or Third Party Incident – this is probably one of the best times to remind employees of what happens if they let their guard down.

“I believed that cyber awareness training was useless because I believed my users were probably untrainable. What I learned was that it was a pivotal and critical part of my cyber defense strategy. (Alan Levine told TechTarget)

Let CIT help, we specialize in creating security awareness training that can bring benefits for your organization. Today is the day to do security employee training.

Corporate Information Technologies provides small to mid-market organizations with expert I.T. services including compliance assessment, cybersecurity penetration tests, and comprehensive business continuity planning services. Corporate Information Technologies can help organizations, quantify, create, refine, and mitigate the risks presented by business threatening disasters in whatever form they may be disguised. 

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