Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management(MDM)

Mobile Device Management(MDM) most simply put is a software meant for managing laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. in a business environment.

MDM includes:

  • Storing information about mobile devices
  • What applications are allowed to be installed and run on mobile devices
  • Locating devices and making sure lost or stolen devices are secured

With Mobile Device Management an MDM server exists in a data center that corresponds to a MDM agent that exists in a mobile device.

Why is Mobile Device Management important?

With more people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is becoming increasingly important that employees are secured at home as well as in the office. Even without COVID-19 most people are beginning to favor using personal mobile devices that can be taken on the go as opposed to large desktops that have to reside in one place.

Advantages of Mobile Device Management

There are many advantages that come with implementing MDM. By being able to restrict non work environment apps businesses are able to make sure employees are more productive as well as make sure workers are more efficient. Additionally, MDM can help meet compliance standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, etc. Most importantly however is that it helps provide security for important and private business data. The best part about Mobile Device Management is that it can all be done remotely by IT personnel.

Make sure you and your employees are secure in the office and on the go by implementing Mobile Device Management!

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