CIT Clients Have Experienced Zero Security Disruptions For Over A Decade

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Experience Matters

Founded in 1997 as a complex design/build technology engineering firm delivering services to enterprise and government clients.

Seeing a need in the mid-market space, CIT expanded to help these organizations comply with enterprise IT operational and cybersecurity requirements.

After seeing the positive impact to it’s clients following many successful projects, a passion for government and mid-market organizations developed.

Today, CIT focuses on helping organizations simplify their IT, operational, and compliance requirements.

Partnerships are Important

Leveraging partnerships to deliver exceptional solutions is paramount for any successful organization. Incorporating this axiom into our culture allows us to provide our clients wisdom and experience beyond that which we posses alone.

We actively contribute internal research, innovation, and security threat information to the broader security and standards-setting bodies.

Our partnerships include industry leaders such as:

  • The Center for Internet Security (CIS)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center

Culture Counts

Delivering exceptional outcomes begins with exceptional people.

  • Perpetually Curious
  • Cyber-Risk Obsessed
  • Hacker Culture
  • Constant Vigilance
  • Embracing Change

Our core values of are the aspirational goals that we collectively share. We are one team, delivering on one mission, one client interaction at a time. We adopt the practices and technology we recommend internally. This principle allows us to better understand the business impacts and provide experiential support.

Founded in 1997, CIT provides best-in-class engineered IT solutions, information risk assessment, and tailored managed technology support to modern commercial and government clients. Specializing in organizations that face external regulatory requirements, CIT brings enterprise-proven IT and Cyber Security practices into reach for organizations of all sizes.

 Utilizing a process-integrated Total Quality Management (TQM) process, our full-suite of technology services are focused on delivering successful outcomes for our clients. While other IT services providers may talk about the security in their offerings, CIT is unequaled in its execution and incorporation of industry-leading cybersecurity controls in every aspect of its business and services offerings.

We innovate while others duplicate. The principle of innovation and continuous improvement is central to our methodologies. With clients across a wide range of regulated industries, CIT has amassed experience in some of the most complex and challenging technical environments. Ranging from the Financial Services industry (SEC, FINRA, FFIEC) to Defense contractors (ITAR, CMMC, NIST 171, OFAC) and most industries in-between, CIT’s experience with small and mid-market organizations is unsurpassed.

 The transparency and cooperative management techniques that commercial clients required Bringing this experience to organizations with similar external oversight and transparency, CIT has worked with numerous local and regional Government institutions to deliver equally exceptional results. 

NIST 171






within GMP/QSR-subject environments

NIST SMM /EO 14005


“Based in Charlotte, NC, CIT delivers its services using 100% U.S. based, directly-employed personnel.”


CIT utilizes 100% U.S. Based directly-employed staff to deliver its services. This approach allows for expedited regulatory clearance and has been our operating model throughout our history.

Today, our ability to more closely control the risks imposed through our supply chain is more important than ever before, considering the prevalence of Supply Chain Attacks against service providers.

Today’s perpetually changing IT landscape requires successful organizations to be both nimble and agile to rapidly adapt to shifting conditions. CIT has met this challenge through both its internal research and development capabilities and numerous external partnerships with leading security standards-setting bodies, regulatory agencies, security researchers, and commercial technology vendors. These collaborations and partnerships are combined into a globally-aware set of technology and practice standards that allows our clients to plan, prepare, and adapt to emerging technology trends and threats in a consistent and predictable manner. 

Using our Foundational Security Framework , we replace the rhetoric and subjective security practices used by many organizations. Our unique approach creates both awareness and cultural change. Equally, we incorporate the best-practices and guidance required by industry-specific regulatory bodies into our client’s routine operations.

Our Leadership Team is comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals, each with a passion for delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

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