Who We Are

Founded in 1997, CorpInfoTech provides best-in-class engineered IT solutions, information risk assessment, and tailored managed technology support to modern commercial and government clients. Specializing in organizations that face external regulatory requirements, CorpInfoTech brings enterprise-proven IT and Cyber Security practices into reach for organizations of all sizes.

CorpInfoTech has amassed experience in some of the most complex and challenging technical environments. Ranging from Financial Services industry (SEC, FINRA, FFIEC) to Defense contractors (ITAR, CMMC, NIST-171, OFAC) and most industries in between. CorpInfoTech’s experience with small and mid-market organizations is unsurpassed.

Leveraging partnerships to deliver exceptional solutions is paramount for any successful organization. CorpInfoTech actively contributes internal research, innovation and security threat information ton the broader security standards setting bodies.

CorpInfoTech’s unique approach creates both awareness and cultural change. CorpInfoTech’s experienced team of professional technologists have deep industry relationships with over 25 years experience and we deliver services using 100% U.S. based, directly employed personnel.

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