Supply Chain Attack
A supply chain attack is a cyber-attack that seeks to damage an organization by targeting less-secure elements in the supply […]
DDoS attacks
“DDoS attack” is a pretty common term in the world of cybersecurity. It’s a term that is heard often in […]
Purr-fect zoom call
Lawyer Rod Ponton day didn’t start correctly , the virtual call was a not a purr-fect zoom meeting. Everyone on […]
New Year ChannelPro 2021
2021 is here, and not a moment too soon! ChannelPro 2021 New Year Special includes Lawrence Cruciana from Corporate Information […]
What Are Your Bad Password Habits?
We all have our own bad habits such as slouching or hitting the snooze button too many times that can […]
Human beings are inherently social creatures and whether it be virtually or physically we all desire to be connected in […]
Cruciana at ChanenelPro’s Cybersecurity Online
Lawrence Cruciana, founder and President of Corporate Information Technologies will be a featured panelist on February 3rd at ChannelPro’s Cybersecurity […]
2020 Phishing Attack Landscape
Cybersecurity Insiders released a report on the 2020 Phishing Attack Landscape Report, which has found increase of phishing attacks in 2020 due to […]
When someone says “cookies” your first thought is probably the warm sweet holiday cookies you just had a few days […]
Psychology of Social Engineering Stats
Social engineering is “the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that could be used […]
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